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Travel recommendation by using a post, I wonder if this how i’m supposed to do it. 

I will check the alignment for this article, and i will try to write the best I can making sure I know what am doing, but actually i’m not sure what i’m doing, and if this is actually interesting anyone.

This is a picture on right for trying to see if alignment will work fine, and if I can try to make some text looks good with my

Current English Level, and writing skills,  now wrapping this picture with text will make it look more like a good article, but I want to learn more stuff such as which font should I use or how to change the spaces.




I skipped to make some test to see how it will come with the actual picture above, on a different topic I will also happy to quite my job and understand more what is my passion, or can I do stuff that will be more meaning for me and for my life

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